The PR professionals for whom I write are as varied as their clients, but share the same desire; to tell interesting stories, in a cliché-free way, which will generate media coverage.

I have worked for Freshwater plc, Jane Bolas PR, Jenny Chatham and Better PR, and am happy to do so for others; on an ad-hoc or retainer basis.

Even on the most complex issue, press releases need immediate relevance, or they will be heading for the recycle bin.

King Sturge release, for Jane Bolas PR - March 2009.

As recession bites deep into High Street retailers and manufacturers alike, lease terms signed during more buoyant times can seem impossible to meet.

Dwindling cash-flow brings the spectre of administration looming into view, but one of Birmingham’s best-known corporate lease experts stresses that such action must always be a last resort.

"I can understand how tenants on long-term leases, paying sizeable amount of rent each quarter in advance, feel trapped by the conditions to which they agreed, and don’t see a way out", says Andrew Crampton, who heads King Sturge’s lease consultancy team."

"What they should never do though, is simply surrender. There are several ways to restructure leases and reduce your immediate cash requirements, but to stay in the same premises."

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