I have written about Britain’s manufacturers for more than a decade, and also work for the sector’s largest trade association, the Confederation of British Metalforming.

I have contributed to a wide range of media, including International Steel Review and The Manufacturer.

In April 2009, I wrote a feature for Insider, based round an interview with Hill & Smith chairman, David Grove. As always, I believe the personal touch helps get messages across.

Among his intriguing thoughts were:

"Manufacturing gets bashed every five or six years, so most management teams know what to do, whereas people in financial services haven‘t experienced anything like this."

"If you cut early, you don’t need to cut hard. Unfortunately, the big motor manufacturers delayed and delayed making cuts, hoping demand would pick up, until they had to make massive cuts."

"I really have a problem with the ‘blame culture’. If you run a business, you should react to macro-economic changes, and then adapt. No-one is ever forced to borrow, whether individuals or corporates."

It’s always a pleasure to help uncover stories from this sector, and bring them to the deserved attention of a wider audience.

I would be delighted to help any manufacturer, whether an SME or a quoted plc, to raise its profile.

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